Google Nigeria Recruitment/Careers 2020

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world and it also has the most popular search engine.There are a lot of other services which Google has but it will be limited due to this post. In this post, we will show you how you can apply for a job in Google Nigeria.


Like our previous post on Facebook recruitment, Google also has a career website that it normally use to display it’s vacancies worldwide for people to apply.


Go to Google Career website.

A page will appear like the one in the image above.

By the left hand side, you can add filters like changing the location to Nigeria,selecting the Job type, selecting your degree and typing in the specific job you are searching for.

Once you have added filters and it matches a specific job, it will show by the right hand side of the screen and you can apply after yo have read the job description.


It was necessary to add this part so that those who wanted to apply could know how their interviews are conducted.
Google conducts it’s interview via two ways namely:

Phone/ Hangout Interviews

Onsite Interviews

Read more here. Also, read about their hiring process.

Everything about google recruitment is open to the general public so visit their career page from time to time and also enable job alerts if it would be difficult to visit their page frequently.Bookmark this page or subscribe to our mailing list so that you can be updated once there are vacancies in Google Nigeria.

DisclaimerGoogle Nigeria do not have agents that do recruitment for them like stated in this post, their recruitment process is done via their career page so do not fall into the hands of scammers.

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