How To Get a Job Fast In Nigeria- A detailed guide

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How to get a job fast in Nigeria has become one of the most searched term on google courtesy of the rate of unemployment in the country. Over the years, the rate of unemployment has increased hereby forcing graduates to look for alternative ways to survive.


In Nigeria, it has become an order of the day that anything that involves application needs connection in other to go far but I want to tell you that getting a Job in fast in Nigeria or without connection is still possible if you can apply the following steps in your Job search.

Apply for Jobs Early: It may sound strange that I choose this to be my first point instead of having a good CV which happens to be the case with other websites. It is very common among unemployed graduates in Nigeria to wait for companies to announce vacancies before they start applying and that is one of the major reasons why most of them are unemployed. There is a saying “If your ship does not come to meet you, swim to meet it” This means you should not wait for opportunities to come and meet you, go and look for opportunities. Most big companies have a career page attached to their website but very few make proper use of it.The use of career pages is for those interested in a particular company to apply before hand. Big companies consider applications submitted before a vacancy is advertised to an application submitted after a vacancy is advertised. Here at Recruitment Update, we release post about Job vacancies so that those who wish to apply can do so before a vacancy comes out but very few utilize it.

Do not Rely on One Job website: Following a recruitment site is a good thing but when you follow only one, it becomes bad because one recruitment site cannot post all the Jobs in Nigeria so it is necessary to follow other recruitment sites. Below are some good recruitment sites you can check are:

There are many more but it is advisable to follow betwee 1 to 3 job recruitment sites and subscribe for their email notifications. home page

Having a Good LIndekin Profile:LindekIn is a job mine for job seekers in any part of the world but it is unfortunate that most people waste their time on facebook groups asking for jobs when sites like LinkedIn exist. We talked about this in our Free guide “How to boost your chances of getting a Job in Nigeria” which can be downloaded here

Lindekin job page

Having a well detailed CV: A CV is what gives the employer details about you so it is important, to try your best to impress the employer with your CV as it will give you an edge during an interview. If you cannot write a top notch CV then it is advisable to pay someone to do that for you. I read on nairaland of guy who got multiple job offers because of the CV he carried.

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Getting a Job fast in Nigeria or without connection is possible if you apply the steps outlined in the post or those outline in the PDF. Feel free to share your comments below and do not forget to subscribe to oue email list and follow our social pages for more job updates

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