Post Utme is an examination that is written before one can gain admission to study in a University of his choice. A lot of people find it difficult to pass Post-Utme examinations, hence they miss the opportunity of studying in their dream school.In this post, we outlined steps that can help one pass Post-Utme examinations.


Study Ahead Of time: I decided to put this one first because a lot of people overlook it. Most students have the mentality that it is a waste of time studying two to three months before the examination which is not meant to be so. Studying two to three months before the examinations makes you familiar with the questions and gives you an edge over candidates.

Get Past questions of the school you are applying for: Past questions helps you know how the school you are applying for sets questions hence guides you on how to read. In Nigeria, a lot of schools do repeat past questions even JAMB do repeat questions. Studying past questions before writing the exams is the key to passing post-utme examinations and this point will also help you in school when you get admission.

Be Prayerful: Whether you are a christian or a Muslim please take this seriously as you do not know where your paper might end up or who is going to mark your scripts. A lot of students fail not because they did not prepare well for the examinations or they did not write well but because of errors from the person marking it. This is an advise gotten from experience so heed to it.

Try to be calm in the exam hall:Before writing an exam, do your best to stay calm even if the questions are hard. If you notice there are some you can solve, then solve those ones then try the ones you do not now how to solve later.

Be careful On the Kind of friends that advise you: You might think this is not related to the post, but it actually is. Some friends will tell you that such some school’s post-utme is very hard hereby discouraging you. One thing is you should understand is that no matter how hard an examination is, someone passed it with flying colors so believe in yourself and never let anyone discourage you.

I decided to limit it to five, but they are many other tips which can help you. To order for your past questions, go to our past questions section here or contact us through our mail

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