Microsoft Recruitment(Internship) 2020

Microsoft Recruitment for 2020 is currently inviting applications fro graduates who wish to undergo internship in several countries and they are: Nigeria,Nairobi, Dubai,Oman, South Africa, Qatar. All the positions listed below are for Nigerians to apply.


Position Title: Consultant

Job ID: 847861


Consultants are strategists who work closely with information technology decision makers and business owners who come to Microsoft for specific and unique solutions.

Position Title: Support engineer

Job ID: 847861


As a Support engineer, you will be on the front lines of our customer support efforts. You’ll analyze technical software problems and develop solutions for a broad range of customers, including small development shops, independent software vendors, and Fortune 500 companies.

Position Title: Technical Account Manager

Job ID: 847861

Position Title: Account Technology Strategist

Job ID: 847861

Position Title: Technical Specialist

Job ID: 847861

Position Title: Full time opportunities students & recent graduates: Customer Facing Technologies.

Job ID: 847837


Applicant should be a graduate and preferably someone in the tech field.

Applicant must be fluent is speaking English.

Applicant should have good communication skills.

Applicant must have a passion for technology.

Applicant should have problem solving skills.


Click on the links below each job description to apply.

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